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The Wild Bunch Film Festival

The Galaxy Theater, Tucson Arizona, 20 - 24 October 2022

The Venue

Festival Logo on Screen

Day 1 Team Meteoric, (L - R) Composer Elena Maro
Writer/Director Philip C. Sedgwick, Co-Producer Lesley Lillywhite

Leading Q & A - Day 1: A question over here...

Q & A, Day 1: Where did you get all those horses?

Festival Directors: Brenda & Rock Whitehead

Joel Foster, under cowboy logo, (LYMAN in METEORIC) leads Day 2 Q & A

Day 2 Team METEORIC (L - R): Philip C. Sedgwick, Writer/Director;
Joel Foster (LYMAN); Lesley Lillywhite (Co-Producer); Elena Maro (Composer)

Philip hosts the Writers' Panel, Assisted by Lesley

Writers' Panel

Writers' Panel

METEORIC's Screening Q & A
(L - R) Elena, composer; Lesley, Co-Producer; Philip, Writer/Director; Joel, LYMAN

Screening Q & A

Elena and Lesley Pre-Awards

Elena Receives Best Overall Composer

Team METEORIC Awards

Festival Hardware

Elena's Award Close Up


Perfect Afterparty Venue

Refueling Post Festival