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Film Festivals

The Wild Bunch Film Festival

Arizona Underground Film Festival 2022

Upcoming Screenings

06 - 08 October 2022, Louisville International Film Festival, Live festival to be followed by an online festival available 08 - 15 October, 2022. Physical screening in the Kentucky Science Center, Screening Room at 10:29 AM, Saturday, 8 October 2022. Louisville International Film Festival

20 - 23 October 2022, Wild Bunch Film Festival, Galaxy Theater, Tucson, AZ. Meteoric Screens Saturday, 29 October in a block starting at 7:04 PM (this fest does stay on schedule) and hits the screen at 9:29 PM, followed by Q & A immediately thereafter. Online screening will occur during this festival to permit remote watching of the films. The Wild Bunch Film Festival

22 October 2022, Texas Short Film Festival, METEORIC screens at 7:00 PM, Saturday, 22 October at the Slab Cinema Arthouse, San Antonio. Texas Short Film Festival

Previous Screenings

Arizona Underground Film Festival 2022