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Film Stills

Filming Day 1 at White Stallion Ranch

Setting up: Cam B, Stephen Huffman, 2nd AC Sophia Rubin, Director of Photography, Avai d'Amico

The Film Crew Gathers

Avai, his usual chipper self, is good to go!

Tight Quarters

Lyman (Joel Foster) and his trusty metal detector... Rubin Garcia on sound

Lyman and Izzie (Christina July Kim)

Director Philip C. Sedgwick sets the shot for Joel

Avai works drone magic

Script Supervisor, Lesley Cessna-Kontowicz focuses on details

Christina July Kim

Finn (Sam Whitten), Lyman (Joel Foster) and Izzie (Christina July Kim) prep for their in-scene meet-up

Lyman and Izzie scour the desert for celestial debris

Director and Lyman figure out there is air (and a heap of wind on set this day)

Camera B Stephen "Huffy" Huffman sets a shot

A discussion of continuity

Josh Zientarski, our invaluable crew member, tests an Apple Box

Dare we have a laugh?

Cam A, Cam B and Scripty converge

Josh shields Huffy from the light

Philip and Sound Manager, George Nardo, check the audio

Christina discovers "open range" on set!

Sound team: Rubin Garcia, George Nardo

Carina (Kincaid Walker) and Finn (Sam Whitten) walk and talk

Sam and Kincaid offer attentive ears

The one and only Sam Whitten!

Co-Producer Lesley Lillywhite & Sam Whitten

Cast posing for a poster (L-R) Christina July Kim, Kincaid Walker, Joel Foster, Sam Whitten

A moment in between shots...

Josh assists the camera for a take on Carina and Finn

Carina and Izzie share a moment of mirth

Izzie gets no help

Things get tense over the meteorite

The womenfolk make sure no harm comes to the meteorite

Face to face

Filming Day 2 (Marana, AZ)

Working the line of sight

Carina and Izzie

Kincaid, Christina and Sam chat up a saguaro

Making sure the computer screen shows up

Joel seems to be having too much fun

Izzie and Lyman prep

Huffy assesses wall space

Izzie checks out Lyman's discovery

Last shot of the film, Philip with Kincaid and Sam

Carina makes her point with Finn

Location Scouting

Location Scouting (L - R) Laura Cortelyou, Philip C. Sedgwick, Screenwriter/Director
with Lesley Lillywhite, Co-Producer, Location Coordinator

A Perfect Location for a Meteor to Land

The Road to Nirvana?

Perfect Cinematic Background

Wide Shot - Establishing

Laura and Lesley Making Sure the Scout is Complete!